Design Process

The design of a product or graphic image can very easily run out of control and end up being the folly of the designer and not a usable solution for the customer. This is why I apply a methodical design process to all of our projects to ensure that you stay in control and give you a structured approach that has a number of key stages, where you can pause the project until such time as it is economically sound to continue.


I will have a consultation with you to discuss the problem you want solving and find out what you expect from the project in terms of a design solution and cost. Then a period of research will ensue, at the end of which, a detailed design brief will be written and presented to you. This allows you to decide whether the work is taking the right direction.


From the design brief, many concepts will be created and normally three brought up to a level were they can be presented to you. If you like one of these then the project can move on to design development. If the concepts presented do not meet your requirements this stage can be revisited to come up with a further three initial concepts.


Once one of the concepts has been chosen, it will then be developed to the level required by the customer, whether this be a set of production drawings or you may want us to put the design into production for you and set up the quality control procedures, all of which is well within our capabilities.


As just mentioned, if it is a one-off or small batch product then I can build most things at my workshop. For larger production runs, I can normally organise that for you as well. If your product is to be put into production at your own plant, then we can be on hand to help with any issues that may arise.


All projects vary in size and requirement. you may only want me to write your detailed design brief and generate some concepts for you, or you may want me to be with your product from cradle to grave.

Whatever your needs, please feel free to contact us for a free first consultation to discuss your ideas.